An app, perchance to dream

I recently made a small app to speed up the invoicing process at Applingua. As the majority of our customers are European, I must validate their EU tax number before zero-rating their VAT invoices. The EU provide a portal to do this validation, but anyone who has used it will know just how frustrating it is. It’s a problem, so this is my solution.

The app is pretty basic, and pretty ugly too. It’s a v.1 that does the job – a “minimum viable product” for want of a better phrase. Currently you can enter the tax number, choose the member state it belongs to and Europa VAT will tell you if it’s valid and, if available, the address and company name. This saves considerable time over the EU portal that makes you enter considerably more data to get the same information.

Making apps is certainly not Applingua’s main business, nor will it ever be. Europa VAT won’t even break-even with the time spent on it (a few days in total). However Applingua can profit from it in many other ways.

Having an app on the app store gives Applingua a little street cred. I’ve dealt with iTunes Connect before, but now I can guide developers right through every step of managing localizations on Apple’s (awkward) platform. There’s definitely going to be a DevZone post on that soon. Additionally, I can now freely add localizations, screenshot code and fiddle with Cocoa Autolayout for new tutorials at my whim.

Visit the app’s website:

Get the app directly hereClick Me

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