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  • Visiting Buckingham Palace

    Me and The Queen

    A few weeks ago I received an email from The Duke of York’s Personal Secretary, inviting me to a Technology Reception at Buckingham Palace. I couldn’t refuse such an offer, so booked flights back home, ironed my suit (thanks Mum!), bought a new tie and polished my shoes. Before I knew it, I was lining up at the gates of Buckingham Palace along with 200 other influential people in UK tech.

    Of all the amazing opportunities I’ve had since starting this blog, I would probably put this near the top. It’s not something I ever imagined would or could even happen, but it was an honour to be in a room not only with our Head of State, but also many other CEOs whose companies I admire, respect and often look to learn from.

    My thanks go to Neil Cocker, for putting my name forward and for organising our transport to London; to the Duke of York, for hosting this event; and, of course, the Royal Household for recognising how important our industry is quickly becoming to the UK’s economy. Fantastic day – will never be forgotten!