First Impressions: Magic Trackpad

In what appears to be a series of reviews of 6 month old hardware, I continue my previous post with a first impressions review of the Apple Magic Trackpad. Once again, spaghetti western approach.

The Good

  • Beautifully simple. There’s nothing “extra”. It is just a trackpad. And it looks great for it
  • Multi-touch gestures. I bought the trackpad after getting used to using a trackpad again to swipe through pictures, to zoom and pinch, to clear screen up or to exposé down. The gestures are so natural, it’s how input devices should always have been

The Bad

  • Without enabling ‘tap to click’, it’s difficult to use the trackpad on the arm of your sofa. Perhaps interesting if you are using one with a Mac Mini TV setup
  • I keep grabbing the device like a mouse. This is a case of stupid-user syndrome, but it’s weird to operate within a space, rather than over a space

The Ugly

  • There is nothing ugly about this device. 24 hours with it has been bliss.

One thing of interest for many people is the battery. Of course I haven’t had opportunity to test the battery life yet, but from my experience of Apple Bluetooth devices, there’s a reason why Apple sell a battery charger. My advice? I think I’ve found the perfect pointing device that exceeds just pointing. If you want to purchase, support the site by clicking here.

Comments? Questions?

I would love to hear your thoughts…
  1. Adrian says:

    The only concern I have with the Magic Mouse and Trackpad is the battery life. My Magic Mouse lasts about a month or so with rechargeable batteries and I fear the Magic Trackpad will be similar. It’s not a huge issue, but realistically you need to have 2 sets of decent rechargeable batteries to use it.

    Bluetooth is such a battery hog compared to the wireless technology logitech is using in its latest peripherals, which will literally last for years on a single AA.

    • Rob says:

      I know. I have been replacing my Magic Mouse batteries every 6 weeks.

      First Impressions Review though! Batteries don’t yet come in to it. Maybe there should be a Second Impressions Review in 6 months time 😉

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