Goodbye CDs. You won’t be missed.

I have never been that collector person. I don’t care for having the real album case, or the DVD. I want everything digital so I don’t have to buy new bookcases every year to house CDs like Britney’s In The Zone, an album bought for me when I was 14 (but rather secretly enjoyed). Let’s face it, if there’s a nuclear meltdown and my 3 backup solutions are no longer attainable, I doubt I’ll be wanting to watch The Hangover just one more time before I finally lay down to be overtaken by scorpions and cockroaches.

This rule hasn’t always applied to software though. I grew up through a time when software was a special thing. You didn’t just download $0.99 apps from a store, you went to a proper retail store, held the relatively huge cardboard box in your hands and experienced a sense of elation when each of the check marks under System Requirements met your exact setup. Software had real value, which also meant it had resale value.

For that reason I’ve tended to keep a lot of software I’ve bought over the years. From OS X install disks, to Birth of the Federation to Visual Basic 6.0. As the years have passed I’ve slowly archived the older software into a CD wallet and got rid of their epic packaging.

Today I’ve decided to cut the cord completely and get rid of all CDs. I must have used my CD drive twice in the last 3 years, I even install new OS X iterations via a USB flash drive these days as it’s ostensibly faster. Fortunately my speedy new iMac is ripping through all the important ones in no time at all, archiving them digitally should I ever need to use them again.

There are those of you out there who may still hold a candle for physical media. I warn you however, I’m sure your children and especially your children’s children will laugh at you pitilessly if you’re still installing Office 2008 from a CD in several years time. Until then, I offer you a selection of mostly old Apple and MS software, should you want it:

Just mail me with your shipping address (worldwide) and they are yours…

I would love to hear your thoughts…
  1. Rob says:

    iLife CDs are all gone now folks. The rest are still around for nostalgia purposes…