Hack Month – October 2011

Applingua HQ is moving! From Tuesday 27th September, I will be based out of Amelia, Italy along with partner in crime, Joe Westhead. We both started our own companies 9 months ago (Applingua, helipad.me) and felt it was time to really put the pedal to the metal on a few ideas we have for 2012.

Our aim is to power through a backlog of tasks, helping each other out where we can. I’ve got a wall in mind that will make a pretty good Scrum-board and I know the coffee is good enough in Italy to keep me working 12 hour days. At the moment we’re looking at between 4-6 weeks to produce some really great things.

Why Amelia? Well my parents have a flat there so rent-free is pretty much always a winner. I know the town very well having spent pretty much every summer there since I was 18. It’s a little sleepy, but the internet speed is good, the ice cream is great and the pizza is even better. The town is on a hill so morning walks will really stretch my legs before settling down to a day of work. It’s also still 25 degrees sunny. What more could you want?

I’ll keep you all updated on what we’re working on. Exciting times ahead!

Amelia, Terni

Amelia, Terni, Umbria, Italy, Europe, Earth, Sol, Milky Way… You get the picture

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