Robert Lo Bue

Welsh-Italian, culture-seeking Adventurer and Founder of Applingua Ltd and Cardiff Start Ambassador.

I studied International Management and German at the University of Bath before working in my favourite city of Munich, Germany for three years at Pepper GmbH and equinux AG. On my 24th Birthday I quit my job to start Applingua Ltd and eventually help found Cardiff Start C.I.C.

I have a base in my home city of Cardiff, Wales, but I’m often on the road having spent most of the last five years in various different cities world-wide. I’m a big believer in living life with not much more than what fits in my suitcase.

My absolute favourite thing in the world is to hear stories from unique people and learn from them. From taxi drivers to visiting academic speakers, everyone has a story that’s worth telling. So get in touch if you have a story you want to tell me, I’d love to hear it!

Current Projects