Languages and Entrepreneurship

A few months ago I was contacted by Lizzie Fane, founder of, to take part in some research she was conducting for The Higher Education Academy and The British Academy. The report, entitled Languages and Entrepreneurship: A guide for students, highlighted language graduates who used their experiences abroad to push them to take risks and be more entrepreneurial.

In late October Lizzie asked whether I would like to speak at the report’s launch event. I genuinely believe, and am hopefully living proof, that taking taking a year working or studying abroad opens your mind to new possibilities and makes you less risk adverse – two essential factors if you are to be successful in business.

And let’s be honest, it’s not every day you get to speak at The Royal Society, so how could I possibly refuse?

The British Academy have contacted me to let me know the video of my little and hopefully motivational 7 minute talk is now available on YouTube. If you’re interested, watch it above or by clicking here.