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  • First Impressions: Magic Trackpad

    In what appears to be a series of reviews of 6 month old hardware, I continue my previous post with a first impressions review of the Apple Magic Trackpad. Once again, spaghetti western approach.

    The Good

    • Beautifully simple. There’s nothing “extra”. It is just a trackpad. And it looks great for it
    • Multi-touch gestures. I bought the trackpad after getting used to using a trackpad again to swipe through pictures, to zoom and pinch, to clear screen up or to expos√© down. The gestures are so natural, it’s how input devices should always have been

    The Bad

    • Without enabling ‘tap to click’, it’s difficult to use the trackpad on the arm of your sofa. Perhaps interesting if you are using one with a Mac Mini TV setup
    • I keep grabbing the device like a mouse. This is a case of stupid-user syndrome, but it’s weird to operate within a space, rather than over a space

    The Ugly

    • There is nothing ugly about this device. 24 hours with it has been bliss.

    One thing of interest for many people is the battery. Of course I haven’t had opportunity to test the battery life yet, but from my experience of Apple Bluetooth devices, there’s a reason why Apple sell a battery charger. My advice? I think I’ve found the perfect pointing device that exceeds just pointing. If you want to purchase, support the site by clicking here.

    Comments? Questions?